Ok. I did say that I will bring the next installment quickly (you can find the previous one here) But my life and me got in the way. But, better late than never.

Podcasts Set 2 - The Software Developer's Topper List

This set of podcasts are focused on software development, open source software and technology related. I listen to a good number of such shows and in this installment I am going to share my top three picks. Hopefully I will follow up with more!

Software Engineering Radio

Software Engineering Radio Logo

Software Engineering Radio, as the name suggests, is focused on Software engineering. I would say it is a must listen for professional developers. The topics covered vary from software engineering related topics - agile, continuous delivery, architecture related and open source frameworks. The discussion is very technical in nature (some of the most technical discussions I have heard on a podcast) but it still tries to give the listener a good overview of the subject. The discussions are reasonably long (around 45 - 60 minutes), so there is time to explore the topic to some extent. The guests are mostly leaders in the field and/or head honchos of the open source projects that is being discussed. The hosts are a team of developers themselves (some of them very renowned in their own right) and help the steer the discussion so that it is developer focused.

Some of the recent topics I have listened to are Apache Storm, Continuous Delivery, Logging infrastructure, CQRS, Kafka etc. Recently these shows have become more frequent as well (hope it stays that way). If you are a developer and want to try podcast listening, this one is something you would want to start with.

rss feed link of SE Radio

The Cloudcast

The Cloudcast Logo

The Cloudcast started as a cloud technologies podcast. At that time, lots of coverage used to be on Cloud platform vendors and products out there. But close to an year back, they have started focusing a lot on open source projects on cloud and distributed computing and devops related topics. These podcasts are generally short and to the point. The hosts try not get into a lot of depth but try to get the guests to provide high level but useful information and more importantly trends. Recently they have added byte sized versions of the podcast which provide very short introductions of dev and devops topics. You might find those specific ones either useful or trivial.

I primarily find the podcast discussions providing me a lot of breadth of knowledge in the space. The hosts are really good too. Brian is very sharp and to the point. Aaron on the other hand brings more fun and cheer. Overall a very good podcast to listen to for the topics they cover.

rss feed link of The Cloudcast

Floss Weekly

Floss Weekly Logo

Floss Weekly is a podcast focused on free and open source software. This is one of the oldest shows in the podcasting planet. The nature of projects could vary a lot in this podcast. I have discovered a desktop software for controlling multiple computers using a single keyboard and mouse to a platform which made Kenyan elections better through this podcast. It is this variety which draws me to it. The primary criteria of projects participating in it is about them being open source.

The hosts don't get as technical as the other two shows (except for Randal at times), but the show provides a well rounded overview of the project. There is considerable discussion on open source licensing and governance which I don't find in other shows. And that is something I like to get exposed to. So if you are into open source in general and like variety, this is a good podcast to listen to.

rss feed link of Floss Weekly

Done! This is a short one. The top three are out, but there is more to come. I will get them out sooner than later.


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