A warm welcome to you! I am back from my long hiatus and I want to share a change of plan for this blog.

Picture - Life is more and hence the blog will be about more things

Till date, this blog held my thoughts and my accounts on experiments I tried with on technology & software developement. And that was good. But I realise that as a software engineer and a person, it is not the only kind of thing I do. Please don't think that the realization came to me only now! I just did not have the guts to act on it i.e. sharing more.

Life is more

Life is about a lot of things. I am a human in the profession of software engineering that I practice in India. I am part of a family. I have friends and I work in teams. I am also figuring out the bigger questions of life. I have some hobbies too. I have struggled with & enjoyed a lot of things and I still do. Given the different facets of my life, a blog on it can talk about more of them. I want to create a fuller account of my life here (finally some courage! 😅) .

Life is same & different

My life at a macro level is very similar to you and many like us. The broad strokes are similar and boring. But the details and minutae are different (I am almost certain of it :thinking:). So when I write about the things I care about and the events that happen in my life, there will be something new & familiar. The stories I write are always going to be my perspsctive, but there could be many other perspectives.

A weblog is log or diary on the web and that is the aspiration. That said, there are limits on what I can put out here (don't have that much courage yet 🤔). Hence this will still not be my entire diary, but I promise to make a honest effort.

Life events can be small or big

Life events can be small or big but they have there own characteristics irrespective of the size. The new blog entries can also vary in size. But they will surely provide at least one specific thought or viewpoint from me. That is the only thing I offer you.

Life is interactive

Life is about interaction of thoughts, ideas and people. I hope to capture that interaction. I also hope that this blog becomes a place where I can interact with you.

So going forth and conquering! Hope to express myself fully and interact with you to learn.

p.s.: Apologies to anyone who thought this was an article about the concept of scope in software development and associated ideas like scope creep etc. !


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